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«Friendship bridges»

Join the creating of Live Encyclopedia "Alley of Friendship"!
Our project`s participants hold a wonderful tradition for a few years – they plant the trees near their schools or houses, and these trees have already become a symbol of friendship. This year we are going to continue this great tradition. The map of planted trees is already published on our website.
Join us!


Registration and sending works for actions of the project "Alley of Friendship", "Children enlighten the world" and "We invite you to be seated" continues!

Photo contest
«World in lens»
Tell your friends about the most amazing and marvelous moments in your life!
  • «The eight world`s miracle»
  • «Yesterday, today, tomorrow»
  • «Friendship – is…»
Dear friends! Join the creative process and begin making new masterpieces on your own.
Topics of the contest:
  • «Postcard for your friend »
  • «A good maxim is never out of the reason »
  • «Visiting our friends»
This contest allows you to express yourself in lots of different creative spheres. Topics of the contest:
  • Research «Modern myths»
  • Video essay «There are no differences between us»
  • Video postcard «Everyday surprises»
Photo of the day

Самый дружный коллектив
Фотография Масленцева Анастасия , Ярославль
The photo was sent by:
Масленцева Анастасия , Ярославль

Youngsters' actions
«We invite you to be seated»
Teach your friends from other cities and towns how to cook your favorite traditional holiday dish. Make a quick video or a photo recipe book (please include step-by step instructions and photos). 

Make 3 questions about culture, history and traditions of your homeland!
Answer other team`s questions!

Live Encyclopedia
«Alley of Friendship»
Plant a tree – include yourself into the making of Live Encyclopedia «Alley of Friendship». The participants will put the photos of planted trees in the Project's map.
Tell about your event or a project that attracted many people to this Internet Project in schools, cities or towns.

You can ask all questions connected with participating in the Internet-project by e-mail or by the phones: (4852) 32-88-91, 30-29-62.