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«Friendship bridges»

Join the creating of Live Encyclopedia "Alley of Friendship"!
Our project`s participants hold a wonderful tradition for a few years – they plant the trees near their schools or houses, and these trees have already become a symbol of friendship. This year we are going to continue this great tradition. The map of planted trees is already published on our website.
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The results of the competitions of the Project «Friendship bridges»-2014 are published!

Photo competition
«Life in camera lens»

Dear friends, now you have a brilliant opportunity of telling to your friends about the most amazing and marvelous moments in your life without any words!


Dear friends! Don’t lose your time – join the creative process and begin making new masterpieces on your own.
Topics of the competition:

  • «What did the book tell about»
  • «Not in thy power to foresee the flight of word»


The multimedia project competition
«Cultural campaign»

This competition allows you to express yourself in lots of different creative spheres. Topics of the competition:

  • «Sworn brothers »
  • «Street language»
  • «And we say it in
    such a way…»


Photo of the day
Фотография Столярчук Диана, Красноперекопск
The photo was sent by:
Столярчук Диана, Красноперекопск
The research works competition
«We were given…»

Research work is the most complicated, but the most interesting form of participation in the Project doubtlessly. This time we offer you to write a research work in the form of an essay, that is dedicated to the role and place of a language in a culture.


Following the main theme of the Project, the participants hold actions, which would attract other people's attention to the objectives of the Internet-project.

Organize a flashmob that will concentrate people’s attention on problems of interethnic communication, friendship and peace.


Think of your own picture of the «friendship bridge». Present the way to the international friendship and unity how you see it. The participants will put the photos of the «friendship bridges» in the Project's map.

You can ask all questions connected with participating in the Internet-project by e-mail or by the phones: (4852) 32-88-91, 30-29-62.