The International Internet-project «Friendship bridges» 2016

Online quiz

«Let's meet

each other»

We invite you to participate in a quiz «Let`s meet each other», which is firstly held in the context of international Internet-project «Friendship Bridges»-2016.

About the quiz

Our quiz is an interactive game, in which participants are offered to discover some interesting facts about their native culture and culture of other nations and countries. In teams you can make questions about geography, history and traditions of their region.  The main purpose is to tell about native country and to learn something interesting about other countries. How will you cope with that? The game has two parts: making questions and answering them.

Participants of the quiz

Teams of 3-5 participants in the next age categories:

  • 7-11 years;
  • 12-14 years;
  • 15-18 years.

Making questions

  1. Make a team of your classmates or school friends for participation.
  2. To participate in the quiz you should register your team on our website. If your team is already registered in some other team form of the Project, you should confirm your participation in the quiz using your Virtual Office (the link "Register in other competitions of the project").
  3. Make a research about your town, city, region or country.
  4. Use all types of sources: school or city library, Internet-sources, people`s stories etc.
  5. Make 3 alternative questions about given topics with 4 answer variants. For each question make a source link with right answer. Remember: don’t make your questions too easy, other participants must make a research for giving right answer.
  6. Upload your questions in Virtual Office of your team up to 15 April 2016 17.00 (Moscow time).

Answering questions

  1. The jury of project will select the most interesting questions from all applications on the first stage.
  2. The game starts online on 19 April, at 00:00 Moscow time. In Virtual Office of the team a special link will appear. Click on it and start answering questions!
  3. You will have 72 hours for answering questions.
  4. Use all types of sources for answering questions.
  5. You can share your information with other teams (by Virtual Office) and interact with them for finding right answers.
Time frames of online quiz

Send an application for participation in the action and upload your questions up to 15 April 2016 inclusive.
Dates of introductory quiz online: 19-21 April 2016.
Summing up the results by pedagogical committee – 22-27 April 2016.

You can ask all questions connected with participating in the Internet-project by e-mail or by the phones:
(4852) 32-88-91, 30-29-62.