The youngsters actions “Children enlighten the World” are held in the context of the International Internet-project “Friendship Bridges”

The main regulations of the actions

It is already not the first year when the participants of the International Internet-project organize a great deal of actions under the slogan "Children enlighten the World". This time we are offering the net topics for actions:

  • «The Road to Peace»

    Let’s create on a larger scale! Think out and create your own image of “The Road to Peace”!
    Demonstrate how you are understanding the way to the world-wide friendship and international unity. Make your ideas come true in the every creative form you like: drawings, hand-made articles, national dishes, etc. Organize an exhibition "The Road to Peace" in your class, school, place where you live.

  • «Life in Motion»

    Arrange a stunning, unforgettable flash-mob, which would help to draw the other people's attention to the problems of international mutual understanding, friendship and the world without any wars.
    These are the instructions which can be helpful in organizing your flash-mob:

    1. Think over the theme and an approximate script of you future flash-mob – brainstorm!
    2. Gather the people who are ready to participate
    3. Choose a place for your flash-mob (that should be a busy but a rather spacious one to accommodate all the participants and viewers)
    4. Edit the script in compliance with the place where the flash-mob is going to be (each of the participants should know his or her role and place)
    5. You can create a group of your flash-mob in some social network, as it can be useful to coordinate all the process and to communicate with the participants. There you can publish the script and instructions for all the participants.
    6. Find an appropriate music (if you need it) and the equipment, which you need for your flash-mob
    7. Remember that the organizers of flash-mob are to be responsible of all the participants, equipment and the whole action
    8. Don’t forget that the main thing of a flash-mob is the effect suddenness and surprise. The common passers-by mustn’t suspect anything about your fleshmob. All the participants of the action should look like these common passers-by – random witnesses.
    9. After the flash-mob all the participants should disperse as if nothing unusual has just happened.
    10. Good luck!
  • «The Day of Tolerance»

    Think out and organize an action, which would draw the your schoolmates' and fellow citizens' attention to the problems of tolerant relationships in the up-to-date world.

The participants of the actions

The enterprising teams of pupils of educational institutions, institutions of additional education, the teams of public youth organizations members.

The participation in the actions


Deadlines of the actions

Till the 22d of November 2013 year inclusive – online registration and the registered participants’ works submission.
Till the 4th of December 2013 year inclusive – the registered participants’ works submission.
5 – 11 of December 2013 year inclusive – the work of the Educators Committee.