The gallery of "Open hearts" is published. Join us!

16.03.2015 "Dialog of cultures"-2015. We invite to participation!

We are glad to invite the schoolchildren aged 7 - 18 for participation in the International Internet-project "Dialog of cultures"-2015. A great deal of the most interesting creative competitions and actions is in store for you. The online registration of participants will last until 15th April 2015!

19.12.2013 The results of the competitions

The results of the photo competition "Life in Camera Lens", the research works competition “Crossroads of cultures”, the multimedia project and the drawing competitions are announced.

05.12.2013 The Galleries of the participant's projects

Look through the participant's project-works of the photo competition "Life in Camera Lens", the multimedia project and the drawing competitions. The galleries of these works are worth seeing!

25.11.2013 Internet-voting

Take part in Internet-voting for the participant the photo competition "Life in Camera Lens", for the participants of the drawing and multimedia project competitions. Each user of Internet can vote!

15.11.2013 An address to the participants

The address of the chairman of the State duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Nationalities Safaraliev Gadzhimet Kerimovich to the participants of the Internet-project “Friendship Bridges” is published

14.11.2013 Children enlighten the world

Get acquainted with the youngsters actions “Children enlighten the World”, which were held by the participants of the Internet-project “Friendship Bridges” in their schools.

07.11.2013 The map of "Open Hearts"

The participants of the project share warmth of their hearts: The Map of “Open Hearts” is published. Join the action!

06.11.2013 The Forum of the Project

The Forum of the Internet-project “Friendship bridges” has begun work. Here the participants can communicate, make acquaintances and friends.

01.11.2013 We invite to participate!

All wishing schoolchildren aged 7-18 are invited to participate in the International Internet-project “Friendship Bridges”. Our interesting tasks are looking forward to meeting you! The online-registration is open till the 22d of November 2013 year.

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Photo of the day

Башкирский национальный праздник "Сабантуй"

Фотография Агалаева Тамара, Белорецк

The photo was sent by:
Агалаева Тамара, Белорецк

Multimedia project

This competition allows you to express yourself in lots of different creative spheres, to get acquainted with the culture of the other peoples and countries, and to tell everybody about the traditions and the cultural features of your motherland.

The results of the competition

Photo competition
"Life in Camera Lens"

Dear friends, now you have a brilliant opportunity of telling to your friends about the most amazing and marvelous moments in your life without any words! That’s why grab your cameras and run towards the brightest emotions!

The results of the competition

"The Time of Open Hearts"

Participate in the creation of the Gallery “The Time of Open Hearts”. Open your heart to peace and love!

The Map of “Open Hearts”

Youngsters actions
“Children enlighten
the world”

Don’t stop amazing us with your marvelous and bright actions, brave enterprises and fresh ideas!

«Life in Motion»
Arrange a stunning, unforgettable flash-mob, which would be a brilliant festival for your friends and you!

«The Road to Peace»
Let’s create on a larger scale! Think out and create your own image of “The Road to Peace”!

«The Day of Tolerance»
Organize your own day of tolerance!

Actions of the participants

Drawing competition

Don’t lose your time – join the creative process! Begin making new masterpieces on your own: think out a logo for our Internet-project “Friendship Bridges” or draw a poster to the international Day of Tolerance. Strike everybody by your talent!

The results of the competition

The research works

Research work - is the most complicated, but the most interesting form of participation in the Project doubtlessly. This time we are going not only to deepen into the history of our motherlands but also to learn some new facts about the other countries' culture, and we will try to find “the crossroads of cultures”.

The results of the competition