The competition dates

Up to 15 April 2014 – Online-registration and the submission of the registered participants’ works.

16 – 25 April 2014 – open Internet-voting.

28 April – 12 May 2014 – the work of pedagogical committee.

You can ask all questions connected with participating in the Internet-project by e-mail or by the phones (4852) 32-88-91, 30-29-62.

Live Encyclopedia "The Alley of Friendship" is held in the context of the International Internet-project “Dialogue of Cultures”.

The participants of the Internet-project "Dialogue of Cultures" of the year 2013 created a Live Encyclopedia "The Tree of Friendship". The children planted a great deal of trees, which have become a real symbol of international friendship. The action appeared to be very popular and we've got hundreds of nice feedbacks and bright emotions from all over the world. That's why we decided to continue such a splendid tradition.

Call your friends and plant together "the tree of friendship", take a photo of your team and your tree. If you took part in the previous Project, make your first step towards planting the whole "alley of friendship" – plant a new tree near that one, which was planted a year ago by you and which is now a grown up and strong one! And don't forget to decorate your trees following the main theme of the Project!

Post your photos to the Project's website, mark the places of planting on the Project's map and write your commentaries, all these things will appear in the map, so that each website visitor will have an opportunity to see "the alleys of friendship" planted by the participants of the Project "Dialogue of Cultures".


The pupils and educators initiative teams of educational institutions and public youth organisations.