The competition dates

Up to 15 April 2014 – Online-registration and the submission of the registered participants’ works.

16 – 25 April 2014 – open Internet-voting.

28 April – 12 May 2014 – the work of pedagogical committee.

You can ask all questions connected with participating in the Internet-project by e-mail or by the phones (4852) 32-88-91, 30-29-62.

The multimedia project competition is held in the context of the International Internet-project “Dialogue of Cultures”.

About the multimedia project competition

The themes of multimedia project competition:

  • «Folk Crafts Collection»

    Folk crafts are very important as far as national culture is concerned. Each country has its own folk craft, which reflects its traditions and specific features. Since folk crafts are so important for cultural awareness let's research the thing!

    Make a photo or a video master class on creating some pieces of your county's folk crafts. The submitted works will be posted to the Internet-project's website, so that every participant will have an opportunity to make the articles on his o her own, to share his or her new knowledge with friends and classmates by making a competition or a lesson at school. Photo and video reports on these actions the registered participants are to post to the section of youngsters actions "Children Enlighten the World".

  • Cultural outing «Time of Discoveries»

    Can one not leaving his or her own mother-town travel about the world and see the other countries? Certainly! He or she just needs to be attentive and use imagination…

    Make up a team and hold a little research: find features of other countries in your mother-town (architecture, monuments, museums, etc) create a multimedia project on the theme (it may be a series of photos or a short video with commentaries describing the peculiarities, you've found).

  • «World's lullabies»

    Lullaby is a cultural treasure box. A mother singing to her children performs a magic act of blessing them, preserving them from evil, giving to them her love, accompanying them to the wonderful world of dreams. And all these beautiful mother's words depend on the ethnos, culture and country where the lullaby is sang. there is a point to investigate!

    Therefore the teams are suggested making a multimedia project on the basis of a lullaby. you may create a colourful presentation describing the story of a lullaby, you may even make a cartoon. Feel free to try your hand in various spheres – creativity has no boundaries!

The participants

The team participation (3 – 5 persons in a team) in the following age groups:

  • 7-11 years;
  • 12-14 years;
  • 15-18 years.