The competition dates

Up to 15 April 2014 – Online-registration and the submission of the registered participants’ works.

16 – 25 April 2014 – open Internet-voting.

28 April – 12 May 2014 – the work of pedagogical committee.

You can ask all questions connected with participating in the Internet-project by e-mail or by the phones (4852) 32-88-91, 30-29-62.

Participation in the action

To participate in the action "The Painting that's Come Alive" you should register yourself up to 21 April 2014 inclusive.

If your team is already registered in some other team form of the Project (youngsters' actions, "Alley of Friendship") you should confirm your participation in actions using your Virtual Office (the link "Register in other competitions of the project").

You need to have an e-mail to participate in the Competition.

After filling in the Registration Form the team will receive an e-mail where there will be a request to confirm the application. To finish the registration click on the link.

After confirmation of the application a registration letter will be sent, where one can find a login and a password for participation in the Competition.

The registered teams submit their reports on the held actions up to 25 April 2014 inclusive using their Virtual Office on the Project's web-site.

Work requirements

  1. The contest works must be made by teams on their own
  2. The quantity of works which may be submitted by a team is not limited.
  3. The works are to be uploaded to the Project's website. You should also fill in the information about each photograph: the name of the painting, the author of the original painting, the source (a link to the website of a gallery/museum), a short commentary to your "painting that's come alive" (not more than 600 signs).
  4. Admissible file format of the contest work: JPEG (*.jpg) high quality.
  5. The maximum size of the picture on the widest side – 1600 pixels.
  6. The admissible file value: not more than 5 MB.
  7. The submitted works should correspond to the theme and reflect its essence.
  8. The usage of other’s photos, plagiarism, photo assembling, adding any elements to the photo is not allowed.
  9. Any logos, copyrights, signatures are not allowed.
  10. The reasonable processing of photos to improve their quality is allowed (red-eye reduction, colour rendition improvement, regulation of sharpness, etc.)
  11. Those works not corresponding to the Regulations of the international Internet-project “Dialogue of Cultures” or to its technical requirements may be rejected.

The participants’ works must not:

  • Brake existing laws, honour and dignity, protected by law rights and interests of third parties;
  • Stimulate religious, race and international discord;
  • Contain scienes of violence or animals inhuman treatment;
  • Be of obscene or offencive character;
  • Contain explicit or implicit promotion of narcotic drugs;
  • Brake the intellectual property and allied rights of third parties;
  • Be of a pornographic character;
  • Contain commercials in any form.